Helicopter BELL 206

    The Bell 206 is a light, single-engine, single-pilot utility helicopter with exceptional flying characteristics in respect of maneuverability, flexibility, and quality of flight.



    Its extraordinary flying characteristics allow this rotorcraft to take-off and land almost in any place, capable to become airborne equal to “military readiness”. The semi-rigid twin-bladed Main Rotor generates quite an amazing sound, creating the sense of stability and strength.

    Equipped with 1 Rolls Royce M250-C20 engine, the Bell 206B3 holds the lead among all civil helicopters produced, with the best ratio in flight hours vs accidents.

    With 8,460 pieces sold all over the world, which makes it the best seller civil helicopter worldwide, JetRanger constitutes the most reliable, safe, and most recognizable helicopter model.


    Tech Specs:
    Manufacturer: Bell Helicopter Textron
    Engine: 1xAllison-Rolls Royce M250-C20B (Turboshaft-420shp)
    Equipment: High Skid Emergency Flotation System, Flight Crew & Passenger Headsets, Refurbished 2020
    • Capacity: 1 pilot / 4 passengers or 2 pilots / 3 passengers
    Cruise Speed: 100Knots/h (185Km/h)
    Range: 374Nm (693Km) depends on helicopter load